2020 "draft" plan

  • Build a national grassroots movement to get a pro-life Democratic into a large, fractured field of candidates who (so far) all support the party's ever more extreme abortion plank.

  • Raise $500,000 to help get a pro-life Democratic presidential candidate's campaign off the ground.

  • Engage 130,000 individual donors so that our candidate can qualify for the Democratic debates.

  • Tell the news media, the pro-life movement, and our friends why we want a pro-life Democrat in the 2020 nominating contest.

  • Send pro-life Democratic leaders in and out of government weekly updates about our growth.

  • Help a pro-life Democrat to shock the political world in 2020!

  • Convince the Democratic Party to stop alienating Democrats who affirm the dignity of human life at all its stages.

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