The 2020 race needs a pro-life Democrat

We are a revolutionary campaign to recruit pro-life Democrats to run for federal office. The best way to force a debate in the party, in the media, and in the pro-life movement is to run pro-life Democratic candidates.


Our initial goal was to 'draft' a pro-life Democrat into the 2020 presidential nominating contest. The 'lane' was a mile wide, but the structures and incentives in the party and in the pro-life movement are designed to thwart the emergence of pro-life Democratic candidates.

2020 is a dismal choice for many pro-life voters. We are here to tell the Democrats that abortion extremism has pushed millions away. We also invite Republicans who support President Trump's pro-life policies but find his leadership uninspiring or otherwise problematic. There is a better way if pro-life people of conscience stand together!

We believe by building up grassroots infrastructure and financial resources we'll be able to not only convince a pro-life candidate to run for the Democratic nomination in 2024, but also to force a debate every day between now and then!  

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