Do 2020 Democratic Candidates want Pro-Life Democrats' Votes?

Released at: December 02, 2019
Contact: Jacob Lupfer

MEDIA ADVISORY: Pro-Life Democrats to Rally in L.A. Ahead of Dec. 19 Debate

CONTACT: Jacob Lupfer, Spokesman for the new 2019-20 Pro-Life Democratic PAC
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A new political action committee is holding a press conference Thursday, October 19 before the Democratic presidential debate at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The PAC is raising money to advocate for pro-life Democrats at all stages of the 2020 cycle, including a write-in campaign in NH, a pre-primary forum in SC, public and private delegate-selection advocacy, platform language, actions at the Convention, and Electoral College defectors.

On Tuesday in Ohio, pro-life leaders will be speaking about elite Democrats' pro-abortion extremism, minority electoral outreach, Millennials, and the need for pro-life Democrats within the movement.

WHERE: Free Speech Zone on Main Street between Knox and Center Streets, across the street from Otterbein University. Meet on the sidewalk adjacent to Church of the Master United Methodist Church. Rally supporters meet at 5:00. News conference begins at 6:00.
**See and @prolifedem2020 for changes or more precise location.**

WHEN: 3pm PST on Thursday, Dec. 19.


Terrisa Bukovinac, Founder & Executive Director of Pro-Life San Francisco
Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America

The rally gathers pro-life advocates from around Ohio and speakers from around the country to assert that both the Democratic Party and the pro-life movement benefit from acknowledging and supporting pro-life Democrats. “Left-wing pro-lifer” Terrisa Bukovinac engages in robust pro-life advocacy and coalition work in CA’s most liberal city. Bukovinac is a national leader in fighting against fetal tissue harvesting for medical research, a grizzly agenda that demands and consumes taxpayer financed fetal remains.

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, said “In January, Students for Life of America released a poll of young people across the political spectrum that found that only 7% of Millennials support the Democratic Party platform on abortion."

Day added, “Polls consistently indicate that one-third of Democrats are pro-life. Instead of papering over party elites' pro-abortion extremism, we want moderators to facilitate a real debate about what limits the Democratic Party platform will affirm. Does the party have a message to 20 million pro-life Democrats other than, 'Drop dead?'"

“Pro-life Democrats and the institutional pro-life movement need each other," said PAC advisor Jacob Lupfer. is a vehicle to create and sustain a robust pro-life presence in the Democratic Party. “We have big plans to make things very difficult for elite Democrats and the abortion interest groups that run the party. But we need support from pro-life Republican donors and activists.” Lupfer predicts that the movement cannot sustain pro-life majorities in Congress on the strength of an aging white party that is toxic to ethnic and religious minorities. “The one-party strategy is dead. The pro-life majority of the future will be bipartisan, or it won’t be at all.”

The new PAC welcomes contributions from: Pro-choice Democrats who are simply tired of losing Senate, gubernatorial, and down-ballot races; #NeverTrump pro-lifers who would rather support honorable candidates who still believe that personal integrity matters for presidential leadership; consistent life ethic advocates who do not fit in either party; Trump supporters who want to spotlight Democrats’ abortion extremism because it helps the president; and, of course, pro-life Democrats earnestly wondering if they are welcome in their party any longer.