Released at: July 27, 2019
Contact: Jacob Lupfer

MEDIA ADVISORY: Ahead of July 30th DNC Debate, Calls for a Pro-Life Democrat to Enter the 2020 Presidential Race

Pro-life Democrats, including Kristen Day of Democrats for Life, and elected Democratic officials, are holding a press conference Tuesday, July 30 before the next Democratic Presidential debate in Detroit. Speakers will call on the Democratic Party to be more inclusive to pro-life views, including in the 2020 platform. Students for Life leaders will be speaking about Millennials and the need for pro-life Democrats.

A PAC is raising funds to “draft” a pro-life Democrat into the 2020 race:

WHERE: Outside the William Maybury Cotter Monument, 23 E Adams, Detroit, MI (down the street from the Fox Theatre)

WHEN: 6 PM EST to 7 PM EST on Tuesday, July 30.

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life said, “None of the men or women vying to be our next President are seeking the support of the 21 million Democratic voters who would like to see abortion less necessary and less common. Polls consistently indicate that one-third of Democrats are pro-life. An abortion litmus test and asking Democrats who support life inside and outside the womb, to leave the Democratic Party is a losing strategy. Instead of advocating for deregulation of the abortion industry and easing abortion time limits past fetal viability, we urge the candidates to seek a more progressive solution to women experiencing crisis or unplanned prergnancies.”

Jacob Lupfer, political strategist with The Relay Group and spokesman for the Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC said, “The best way to force a national debate about our broken and extreme abortion politics is to draft a pro-life Democrat into the 2020 presidential nominating contest. Nearly a quarter of Democrats believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases and majorities support commonsense abortion restrictions such as waiting periods and requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges. If the Democratic candidates only want votes from Americans who support legal abortion for any reason up to the moment of birth, they should say so. And if the pro-life movement does not want a champion for the unborn competing in the Democratic debates and primaries, its leaders should be asked why not.”
You can read a recent op-ed Lupfer wrote about Democrats and faith voters here.

In January 2019, Students for Life of America released the results of a poll of 400 Millennials across the political spectrum that found that only 7% of Millennials supported the Democratic Party platform on abortion.