Our Plan to Support Pro-Life Democrats in 2020

If we get support from the institutional pro-life movement, our grassroots activists, donors, and supporters will do all of the following in the 2020 election:

    • Raise awareness in the party, the media, and the pro-life movement about the need for pro-life Democrats

    • Create and sustain coalitions with partner organizations

    • Win support and investment from the Republican-leaning pro-life organizations by moving beyond past grievances, aiding their efforts whenever possible, and convincing them that the one-party strategy is no longer a financially responsible or politically efficacious course

    • Hold rallies and news conferences in every DNC debate city to warn our party about the moral and political costs of its ever more extreme abortion plank

    • Support the re-election campaign of pro-life Democratic Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL)

    • Mount a write-in campaign in the New Hampshire primary designed to raise awareness about pro-life Democrats by defeating some of the declared candidates

    • "Draft" a pro-life Democrat into the South Carolina primary

    • Challenge the institutional pro-life movement to support a pro-life Democrat in the SC primary, as the GOP has cancelled its primary to protect President Trump from his challengers

    • Go to South Carolina ahead of the primary and hold rallies and news conferences protesting the party's extreme abortion plank

    • Intervene in the state parties' delegate selection processes to ensure that a representative number of pro-life delegates are elected to the Democratic National Convention

    • Advocate for platform language that acknowledges pro-life Democrats and backs away from party elites' preferred policies of taxpayer-funded abortion and unrestricted abortion for any reason up through birth.

    • Stage protests, delegate actions, rallies, and news conferences at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee commanding media coverage of pro-life Democrats and grassroots dissatisfaction with national Democrats' abortion extremism.

    • Advocate for "faithless electors" to protest the party's morally and politically disastrous position by casting Electoral College votes for someone other than the party's 2020 nominee.