Pro-life Democrats launch PAC to draft pro-life presidential candidate on the Left

FaithWire, a property of the Christian Broadcasting Network aimed at younger readers, covered our launch: "As the Democrats are running further and further to the left, one burgeoning draft PAC is hoping to drum up enough attention to convince a pro-life candidate on the left to jump into the already overcrowded primary field."

Writer Tré Goins-Phillips added, "While it’s not yet clear whether the PAC’s endeavor will be successful, there’s no doubt its backers have the statistics on their side. Americans are increasingly opposed to abortion, especially late-term abortion."

New pro-life political action committee suspended, then restored by Twitter (America Magazine)

America Magazine, a Catholic publication run by the Society of Jesus, reported on our Twitter account's brief and apparently inadvertent suspension. Reporter Kevin Clarke called Twitter for comment, and the social-media company approved our account in response to his inquiry.

Clarke reported, "The political action committee hopes to persuade a pro-life Democrat to join the party’s crowded presidential field this year. According to its mission statement, Pro-life Democratic Candidate PAC’s organizers believe that fielding a pro-life candidate would remind Democrats of the large bloc of potential voters who are turned off by the party’s 'ever more extreme position on abortion.'"

Twitter Suspends Account of Group Trying to Recruit Pro-Life Democrat to Run for President (

LifeNews reported on the Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC: "The goal of the new Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC is to support a Democratic candidate whose position on abortion is more in line with most voters."

Reporter Micaiah Bilger also noted, "The Democratic Party has been alienating voters with its extreme position on abortion for years, and none of the current candidates in 2020 are even moderate on the abortion issue."