Why Now?

With an ever more extreme position on abortion that none of the declared candidates is courageous enough to challenge, the Democratic Party is on the verge of handing another winnable election to Donald Trump.

Millions of pro-life voters are rightly skeptical of Trump, but have nowhere to go because of our party's extremism on this issue. The pro-life movement is in the horrible position of embracing Trump -- with all his indecency, corruption, and lies -- because our presidential politics have failed to produce honorable champion for the unborn.

With increasing intensity in recent years, Democratic Party elites have been telling us to shut up and sit down. Mostly we have listened, though many of us have felt pushed out the door.

We will not be silent.

Some of us are Republicans and ex-Republicans looking for some sign that the Democrats will accept our convictions about the dignity of life. A few are pro-choice Democrats who are tired of our party losing the Senate and getting decimated at the state level over this one issue. Most of us are Democrats who simply believe that the state has an obligation to protect human life at its most vulnerable.

We are here to force a debate that needs to happen in our party, in the media, in the pro-life movement, and all around this country: Is there a better way forward for pro-lifers than embracing Trumpism? Is defending unborn babies a progressive value? Can Democrats tolerate a politics of human dignity that includes life in the womb? If that kind of politics were available, how many Americans would support it?

Our unanimous conviction is that there is only one way to answer these questions. We need to support pro-life Democrats!

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